Easy payment integration

Set up your fully integrated payment page, in your own design. Just 3 steps of integration are needed to start your payments on your own website. You generate a token, copy 2 lines of code into your script, reload your site and start payments.

To integrate COPYandPAY into your page you need to generate a token for building the payment page. The calls are secure server-to-server calls via the server of a merchant and the PSP. The second step is building the payment form by using the javascript library, and that can be done for testing purpose without setting up a server. It works try it by using the tutorial.


Integrate it

You only need two lines of code to integrate the payment form with different payment methods on your page. Just choose your preferred programming languages, copy and paste what you need. By copying the two lines a JavaScript library is loaded and parses the page in order to find the copied form and the chosen payment methods (e.g. Visa, Master Card, PayPal, American Express and Sofortüberweisung). It will build the form directly to be placed in html where the form is found. There is no iFrame, it’s just integrated in your page by using its already defined style and behaviour.


Customise it

You’ve copied two lines of code (stript tag and form tag) into your script. Perfect, reload your page and get ready-made payment widgets for your immediate payment processing. Redesign the widgets, regroup them or just change the language. These widgets are now in your code, seen on your checkout page and can be adapted according to your liking.


Start with payments

The integration was successful. You can now let your shoppers pay. Finally, you get the result of the payment in a simple call either server-side or from the browser.


For all devices

Merchants integrating COPYandPAY in their shops provide the feedback that this is the fastest and easiest payment integration option they have seen. The beauty of COPYandPAY as an integration option is that it adopts to the CI of the page it is embedded in, improving the conversion rate. At the same time, COPYandPAY sports a responsive layout approach, supporting also mobile devices. So the shopper has the best shopping experience even in mobile shops when it comes to the checkout page.

Try the QR Code and see COPYandPAY checkout experience with different devices.

See the list of brands supported by COPYandPAY