• Remote Administration API - board your merchants within minutes

    Fast merchant onboarding is crucial to your success. Our "Remote Administration API" is an automated onboarding process that scales your business up to tens of thousands of merchants. Fast, easy and secure.

Merchant Onboarding Solutions

In today’s fast-evolving world of payment technology, merchants need their service providers to deliver a quick onboarding process for the immediate facilitation of payments. A speedy merchant onboarding process is essential for your success, and PAY.ON’s “Remote Administration API” is the solution that makes it all possible.

PAY.ON's "Remote Administration API" is an automated onboarding process that will prepare you accordingly and let you scale your business to up to tens-of-thousands of merchants (both eCommerce and mCommerce) quickly, easily and securely.

With the "Remote Administration API” and the easy integration of a payment page with COPYandPAY your merchants can start accepting payments in record time.

Remote Administration API - multiple usage scenarios

With our onboarding solution  "Remote Administration API", you are able to offer your merchants an automated boarding process and a versatile interface for a quick start to both eCommerce and mCommerce.

The API enables the programmatic support, automation and integration of multiple usage scenarios.


  • Integration of merchant registration functionality
  • Integration of mobile merchant registration options
  • Integration of your existing or new merchant boarding tools
  • Automation of know-your-customer (KYC) processes
  • Integration of merchant billing and settlement systems
  • Migration of merchant data to or from the PaySourcing platform
  • Integration of acquirer systems and cross-company workflows


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